My story

I'm kind of a cowgirl.
I'm kind of a cowgirl.

I founded and sold a media company where I led a digital marketing practice that served small businesses, nonprofits and local government. I've also opened and sold two restaurants that are still going strong in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm a volunteer small business mentor and serve on two nonprofit boards.

I've been the "little guy," and over the years I've developed a set of skills that can help others like me succeed in their own endeavors.

I'd love to talk to you about your goals, and see if I can help you get where you're going.

How I work

Crystal Clear Communications HQ near beautiful Traverse City, MI

This is my summer office in northern Michigan (my winter office has a wood-burning stove). I sold my media company  in 2012, and now I keep my overhead low and work to level the online playing field for small organizations all over the country.

I get to know my clients, working to understand what makes them tick and what they need - and what they don't.

My goal is to provide great service and reduce initial and ongoing costs without sacrificing quality. When needed, I work with top-notch independent partners and agencies to extend Crystal Clear Communications' capabilities.

Personal passions

Broadband for All

Somewhere between 19 and 30 million Americans in rural and tribal areas lack high-speed Internet access, limiting opportunities for economic development, education and connection to the world.

I am a founding partner in the Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN). Our mission is to help communities bring high-speed Internet to their residents.


These bees are mine, and I took this picture.
These bees are mine, and I took this picture.

I'm a backyard beekeeper in the natural style, taught by Sharon Jones of Sleeping Bear Farms. They are my beautiful ladies, sharing their gifts and providing invaluable pollination to the orchards, forests and fields surrounding my home.

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