Cowgirl in Paradise

Cowgirl in Paradise: advice, questions, and lots of coffee

A girl, her candy and the high school AV club

By J. Willow | April 8, 2019

She started as a high school black market candy boss. Today, she owns a production company. How one entrepreneur accidentally discovered her passion.

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Don’t be afraid to get paid

By J. Willow | March 11, 2019

We know we’ve got the skills, and even connections to get started. But do we know what to charge for our services – and are we willing to ask for it?

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Time to clean the room inside your head

By J. Willow | February 6, 2019

Don’t hate me because I’m tidy at work. I wasn’t born with the natural urge to de-clutter, I learned the hard way like everyone else.

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Shake off those post-holiday doldrums!

By J. Willow | January 17, 2019

Even if you don’t work alone, you can model a few solopreneur behaviors to help you stay fresh and sharp as we head into the madness of a new year.

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Who do you love? (And how to love yourself a little better)

By J. Willow | December 3, 2018

Five ways to be nice to yourself that don’t take much time and (mostly) don’t cost a dime.

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Don’t scratch

By J. Willow | November 14, 2018

Patience is probably a virtue because if it was easy, it wouldn’t be special. I’m working on it, but it’s hard. Plus, my wood stove gets lit on a cold morning.

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Candy store syndrome

By J. Willow | November 5, 2018

A client has asked for something outside my normal service offering. Gulp. Plus, my awkward but adorable dog stares from the back seat.

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Cat-wrangling on the high prairie

By J. Willow | October 18, 2018

Clients are like kittens. You love them but they won’t stay put. How I balance client needs with business travel.

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To grow or not to grow?

By J. Willow | September 14, 2018

I love my life as a solopreneur, but I’m grappling with a fantastic problem: I have a lot of work for one person. But do I really want business growth?

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